Meet Our Team

At JCS Express, our management team has a comprehensive understanding of our customers' needs and works continuously to ensure that our staff is armed with this depth of information. This attention to our customers' requirements means that we are able to provide an excellent level of service on a continuous basis.

We employ approximately 30 drivers, operational and administrative personnel to represent our customers in a manner which will reflect their interests to the highest standards.

Complacency is unheard of at JCS Express. We are always pushing ourselves to new levels of excellence through a commitment to continuous improvement.

  • James C. Sims / Managing Director
  • Maureen Sims / Company Secretary
  • Jamie Sims / Operations Manager
Operations Staff
  • Tam Wishart / Day Supervisor
  • Michael Ucinski / Night Supervisor
Office Staff
  • Maureen Dudgeon / Office Manager
  • Alesha Coyle / Office Staff
  • Jane Thorburn / Office Staff



Our Values

  1. Customer First
    We preserve objectivity and maintain a customer focus at all times.
  2. Integrity
    Maintain the highest level of integrity and honesty in all of our dealings
  3. Quality Standards
    Establish and maintain high quality control standards and measurements.
  4. Creativity
    Be innovative in our approach to problem solving - challenge the status quo.
  5. Teamwork
    Encourage teamwork with trained and highly motivated employees.
  6. Invest in our Future
    Invest in high quality and well-maintained facilities and equipment.
  7. Hands-on
    Maintain an engaged management style through a hands-on approach to the business.

Our Mission

Focus on the business needs of our customers

JCS Express enables our customers' to exceed their business objectives by providing operational and financial advantages from our high quality distribution and logistics services.

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Our History

Deep experience earned over more than 25 years of exceeding customers' needs

JCS Express was founded in September, 1987 by James C. Sims. Following extensive experience with large international courier companies, Jim identified a market need for a more responsive and knowledgeable domestic courier service that could provide same-day movement nationwide. Initially, assignments came from national companies requiring a better "Just-in-Time" service in the Northeast of Scotland, where the oil industry was booming.

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